When You Put Photos To Music...

Lately I have been experimenting with ideas of how to present photos from the wedding day back to couples after everything is ready. The wedding galleries we give back are amazing, but are filled to the brim with amazing photos, and can be a bit overwhelming all at once. The whole point for me is the telling a beautiful story, and I got to thinking about the fact that I never even sit down to edit photos without turning on music(I live most of my life with headphones on), and what a huge part of the creating process that music is for me. It seemed only fitting to somehow work some music into this whole thing, so since presentation is everything, I started putting together a little story-telling style slideshow, with music, to make things more fun, and give couples another great experience to have with their wedding photos. Here is the latest video that was sent out with a gallery just this afternoon. I really love how it turned out. Sound off in the comments below to tell me what you think!

Getting married in San Diego? Send me a quick message- I love to chat wedding & engagement photography! 

Getting married in San Diego? Send me a quick message- I love to chat wedding & engagement photography!