With Love, From Chile: An Intimate San Diego Wedding


Meet Bernardita and Ismael! An adorable couple new to the San Diego area from Chile, who tied the knot Wednesday at the San Diego Administration building. I have never been to a ‘courthouse wedding’, but it was a beautiful and intimate ceremony. The entire experience was so romantic.

The San Diego administration building is beautiful, dark, and romantic. The reflection of the fluorescent light bounced from the wall to the floor, and the hallway seemed a glowing tunnel. I met the couple inside an upstairs office, where they were to be married. The ceremony was performed in a small, but elegant room- the walls decorated with romantic black and white wedding photography. The officiant spoke in English, but the couple share their vows to each other, from their heart, in Spanish. They spoke so quickly and with such passion; that I understood little of what they said to one another, but everyone could feel the honesty of their words. They were so excited to make it official!


After the ceremony, we left for Seaport Village to take some wedding photos. The boats and quant shops made a perfect backdrop for some romantic photographs of the couple together. I wanted to capture the mood of the city and the love the couple shared. They both looked so beautiful and so happy, really enjoying every moment of the day. Bernardita and Ismael also plan to have a large religious wedding ceremony with their family in friends back in Chile, but wanted to have some photos to share of their experience tying the knot in the US.


Did I mention how amazing they looked?

Nautical Wedding Photography San Diego

In portraiture, expressions are so important. For this shot, I asked him to whisper a secret into her ear... to make her smile.

Romantic Moment Photo

I have no idea what he said to her in this moment, but it worked. I suppose I could have told her to tilt her head and smile, but this worked so much better for them. Was that cheating? Maybe. But secrets between lovers are sexy…and only he can make her smile like that.

Congratulations Bernardita and Ismael!