San Diego Wedding Vendors We Love: Revolution Weddings

I love bringing to you all the best wedding vendors in San Diego; and Staci Nichols with Revolution Weddings is a serious talent in the San Diego wedding industry. She DJs with personality, and does an incredible job with bi-lingual events! We had the pleasure of working with Staci and her awesome crew at Stella & Jose's wedding at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon. Staci was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for me-- stick around to the end of the post for the cutest video of Staci teaching her daughter some pretty advanced DJ techniques.  It's beyond adorable! 

Most interesting thing that ever happened at a wedding you worked?
A guy was enjoying the music so much he stripped down naked on the dance floor. Yea.

DJ accomplishment I'm most proud of?
I DJed at the Stagecoach Festival (the world's largest country music festival) the last two years. I DJed on a 33,000 sq. ft. dance floor with 1800 people on it 3 days straight. We get to be in the newspaper, VIP at all the concerts, be on TV, etc. It's quite an experience!

What is your professional background? Do you attend workshops to improve your craft? Have certificates/degrees?
I did graduate with Sociology department honors in college....which I like to think of as a degree in "crowd reading." I did competitive debate and speech in high school and learned all the ins and outs of public speaking. This background has made me a natural MC. I have done workshops and private lessons with the Scratch Academy, the leading DJ school (started by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC). I have also done the Marbecca Method MCing workshop. This is the gold standard for wedding MCs. I am actually the only DJ in San Diego who has attended the Marbecca Method! I also try to get to at least one professional conference every Mobile Beat, the Vegas DJ Show, or the Wedding MBA.

Favorite wedding blog + why?
Sooooo many! Hard to pick just one. I love the forwardness and practicality of Offbeat Bride. I love the snark on Bitchless Bride. I love drooling at the photos on Style Me Pretty. I just recently got into Gray Likes Weddings, which is a super fun sort of get-away wedding blog.

When you are not at a wedding on any given Saturday, what would you most likely be doing?
Taking my daughter to the park, hitting the swap meet with my family, and watching my hubby BBQ in our backyard.

You as a wedding professional in 5 words or less...
Bad. Ass. 

If you could tell engaged couples everywhere one thing, what would it be?
Color outside the lines. Get creative! Plan a day that reflects who you are as a couple.

Dish about what was important at your own wedding?
My hubby + I had a spiritual ceremony in the sand with waves crashing a few feet away in Puerto Vallarta. That's where we met and where I gave birth to my daughter. I owned a destination wedding business down there for a few years. When I saw how much less stress those Vallarta weddings were compared to so cal weddings, I knew that's what I wanted. The night before the wedding, my husband gave me a bouquet of all white roses with one red rose. I asked him why one red rose. He said it symbolized his love for me at the "white wedding." I was so touched by that, I ended up giving my real wedding bouquet to my mother-in-law and carrying the bouquet me gave me during the ceremony (even though it clashed with my dress). We also opted for wedding ring tattoos instead of metal ones--which was very "us" and spoke to our level of commitment for each other. At our legal wedding ceremony performed by the county clerk, we wore custom-printed t-shirts that said "Game Over" with the date on it :-)

Photo Credit: Amores Eventos

Photo Credit: Amores Eventos

Photo Credit: Becca Bennett