Best Beach for Your San Diego Wedding

In San Diego, we have no shortage of incredible coastline. It would be impossible to narrow it down to one singular best beach. Here is a short list of the best beaches in San Diego for having a wedding ceremony. The chosen few ceremony sites listed here are not only gorgeous, but also accessible- so you can actually load in everything needed to put together the big day. These are certainly not the only options, but they are my favorites. 

Sunset Cliffs

The landscape here is absolutely breathtaking. If you are looking for cliff-lined beaches, Sunset Cliffs is definitely ideal. The landscape is definitely unique. If a cliffside wedding ceremony sounds like it might be your thing- definitely check out Sunset Cliffs! The one downside to this area would be parking. Everyone attending the wedding would have to find public parking along the cliffs or in one of the small lots located throughout Sunset Cliffs. If you are getting married in the off-season, it's not so bad (but the weather is surprisingly chilly and windy!).

Cuvier Park (aka. The Wedding Bowl)

This is another cliffside option that's located just a bit further up the coast. The thing that might make this clifftop wedding venue a bit better than the rest, is that it is definitely more secluded than other the other options, even though it's on a public beach. The Wedding Bowl isn't at the very top of the cliff, and is partially obscured from the main public path that runs around the top of the cliffs surrounding La Jolla Cove. No one is going to accidentally stumble through your wedding ceremony, or photobomb you as you walk down the aisle. This location is ceremony only, but there are lots of great reception venues close by, such as the Cuvier Club

Coronado Beach

The stretch of beach behind the Hotel del Coronado is probably the best option for a wedding ceremony in the sand. This flat and sandy beach is easy to access, so bringing in everything you need for a wedding ceremony is easy. The Hotel del Coronado has some seriously impressive options for hosting your entire big day on the beach. You can even have bonfires & s'mores to warm your guests as the evening gets colder. So romantic, and guests adore the unique and fun experience. 

Imperial Beach

San Diego's most southern beach is Imperial Beach. I think maybe because it's the furthest south from the city before hitting Mexico- it's often forgotten and is definitely under appreciated. This sandy shoreline is probably the cleanest of all the beaches. The northern beaches of San Diego are home to kelp forests, an important part of the ocean ecosystem that leaves stinky seaweed strewn across the sand. There is definitely less seaweed all over the beach, and photographs tend to benefit from this factor. You can also enjoy a sunset horseback ride on the beach there, if you have the time(maybe the next day for an encore photo session!). SEA 180 not only has some of the best food in San Diego, but they have also stepped up the wedding game in Imperial Beach! This is definitely a great up-and-coming area to check out if you haven't lately!

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