5 Tips for Planning your Engagement Session

Preparing for your Engagement Session

Here are 5 important things to know while you search for the perfect location and plan your Engagement photo shoot.

1.     Do your research.

Do a quick search on the location, check out their info online and most importantly—call ahead! Some locations require fees or a permit to have your photo shoot there. Lots of venues also require your photographer to provide their insurance info before you can get a permit from them. Sometimes venues also host events, and don’t have open access to their venue all the time. It’s a great idea to make a quick phone call to the location if you are unsure of their policies on stuff like this.

2.     Plan ahead!

What do you need to bring? Ask your photographer if there’s anything you should bring with you to your session! Make sure you book enough session time for the number of outfit changes and locations you want to include in your photo shoot.

3.     Time of day matters.

Keep in mind that light changes throughout the day! If you are obsessed with sunset engagement photos on Pinterest, you will definitely want to make sure to schedule your appointment at the right time to get that effect. Ask your photographer for their sunset session availability and the best time for a sunset photo shoot. Exact sunset time changes daily.

4.     Public locations are crowded.

Popular, amazing locations are often crowded! If you know your significant other will likely be a bit uncomfortable with the idea of having their photo taken in a crowded, public place, plan ahead! Consider a more private location, or ask your photographer for recommendations on lesser-known places at your favorite location for your shoot. I personally have a favorite map of hidden gems in Balboa Park that I love sharing with couples. Scheduling a weekday appointment is a great way to avoid this also.

5.     Ask for recommendations!

Your photographer goes to great places to photograph all the time. When it comes to great locations- they are likely a wealth of knowledge. Take advantage of that resource and ask them what some of their favorite locations are! This is especially great is you already have a look in mind, but don’t know of the perfect location to pull it off!

Send me a quick message to book your San Diego engagement session! I love getting to know couples and planning the perfect engagement session!