Top 5 San Diego Photo Shoot Locations (that aren't on the beach!)

One of my most frequently asked questions is “Do you have any suggestions for a location?”. I love this question! San Diego is so diverse, that the options for locations are endless!  I should begin by telling you I am not a San Diego native, but have made it a personal adventure mission to explore all of San Diego. Is that a real thing? Probably not, but I enjoy taking landscape photos when I am out and about with the family. Over the past year, these have become some of my favorite locations to photograph across San Diego County. This is a list of my top 5 favorite non-beach locations! I totally love beaches, but they deserve a complete article of their own. If a beach is what you are looking for, that article will be coming soon!  Here is a quick list of some favorite photography locations around San Diego. If you find this useful, leave a comment and let me know!

Balboa Park- Yes, this location is extremely over done- unless you venture out a little bit! Balboa Park is beyond huge. I love spending time walking around the park’s less popular areas. There are gorgeous lawns and gardens surrounding what my family calls the ‘lawn bowling section’ of Balboa Park. There is also a hiking trail that goes through wooded areas so magical, I would be astounded if Fairies WEREN’T living there. The Spanish-style Alcazar garden provides a bright and colorful background with beautiful architectural structures surrounding the area. I love the vibrant, colorful feel of Spanish Art Village. The creative possibilities at such a diverse location are endless.

For more information about Balboa Park, visit the official website!


Presidio Park- This location provides so much variety, it’s ridiculous. There are grassy green fields, gorgeous architecture and columns, and a wooded hilltop that overlooks the San Diego Bay from the perfect angle to catch the sun setting behind the everything. This location does require a bit more walking and the whole park is on a hill- it literally leaves me breathless. Expect a workout at this park!

For more information about Presidio Park, visit the official website!

Mission Trails Regional Park- This is another really big place with tons of options. The paths are romantic with gorgeous views of the hills. The sky reflects beautifully off a peaceful lake. I envision an adorable photograph of a couple crossing the rock path there, but I haven’t done it yet (Hint! Hint!). The first time I visited this location, I stumbled upon a field full of gorgeous, colorful moths. There are moments when nature is overwhelming in its beauty and this park is full of them.

For more information about Mission Trails Regional Park, visit the official website!

The Tijuana Estuary (Yes, I’m serious!)- Way down in often-forgotten Imperial Beach is of my absolute favorite places in San Diego. The Tijuana Estuary is connected to a couple of parks that I am sort of lumping into this one- Border Field State Park and the Tijuana River County Open Space Preserve. The hidden gems in this area are endless! There is a wooden zig-zag path is in this area that I am crazy about.

For more information about The Tijuana Estuary and Border Park, visit the official website!

Seaport Village- This is a fantastic option right downtown! There are usually lots of people here, but the lighting is beautiful no matter what time of day! The shops are quaint and there are so many different nooks and crannies to take amazing photos! This is a location on the bay, so there are boats and some amazing places to view the water, too!  

For more information about Seaport Village, visit the official website!

From boat-filled marinas to nature paths, San Diego definitely offers a ton of different location options for photo shoots! These are my five favorites today, but as my adventures continue, I’m sure this list will change and become even better! What are some of your favorite locations around San Diego County?

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